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Tower Engineering Professionals
Houston, Texas, United States (remote)
6 days ago
REV Group, Inc.
Brandon, South Dakota, United States (on-site)
12 days ago
REV Group, Inc.
Brandon, South Dakota, United States (on-site)
21 days ago
Tower Engineering Professionals
Houston, Texas, United States
Spotlight Preferred Member Company
6 days ago
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1-2 Years
$45.00 - $50.00
Min Experience
2-3 Years
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H.S. Diploma/Equivalent
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Welding Inspector


Job Title: Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)

Company: Tower Engineering Professionals

Location: Houston, TX

Job Summary:

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Level II UT-MT to join our team. The ideal candidate will hold an active certified welding inspector (CWI) certification from the American Welding Society (AWS) and possess extensive knowledge of welding processes, codes, and standards. This role involves inspecting and ensuring the quality of welded products and structures, maintaining compliance with safety regulations, and collaborating with various stakeholders to uphold the highest standards of workmanship.  Tower Engineering Professionals offers a comprehensive benefits package including medical and dental insurance, paid vacation and holidays, 401k with company match, and a relaxed, fun environment.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Inspection and Testing:
    • Conduct visual and dimensional inspections of welded products and structures.
    • Perform non-destructive testing (NDT) such as ultrasonic and magnetic particle testing.
    • Verify welding procedures, welder qualifications, and material specifications.
    • Conduct magnetic particle, visual and ultrasonic shear wave inspections on materials and structures to identify defects such as cracks, inclusions, and voids.
    • Interpret inspection results to determine the presence, location, and size of defects and prepare detailed inspection reports.
  • Documentation and Reporting:
    • Maintain detailed records of inspections, tests, and findings.
    • Prepare inspection reports, including documenting any defects or discrepancies.
    • Ensure proper documentation of welding processes and quality control measures.
  • Compliance and Standards:
    • Ensure compliance with relevant welding codes, standards and procedures (e.g., AWS D1.5).
    • Monitor welding operations to ensure adherence to approved welding procedures.
    • Participate in internal and external audits and reviews.
  • Collaboration and Communication:
    • Work closely with welding engineers, project managers, and production teams.
    • Provide guidance and to welding personnel on best practices and standards.
    • Communicate effectively with clients, contractors, and regulatory authorities.
  • Quality Assurance:
    • Implement quality control plans and inspection procedures.
    • Identify and address quality issues, providing recommendations for corrective actions.
    • Ensure that all welding equipment and materials meet required specifications.

Preferred Qualifications:

·         Additional certifications in non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques such as radiographic testing (RT), visual (VT) or liquid penetrant testing (PT).

·         Experience in specific industries such as aerospace, automotive, power generation, or pipeline inspection.

·         Familiarity with AWS D1.5 Bridge Welding Code.



  • Certification:
    • Active AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) certification is required.
    • Valid Level II certification in Ultrasonic Testing (UT) with Shear Wave Technique, in accordance with ASNT or equivalent standards.
    • Valid Level II certification in Magnetic Particle (MT) in accordance with ASNT or equivalent standards.
  • Experience:
    • Minimum of 2 years of experience in welding inspection and quality control.
    • Proven experience with various welding processes, materials, and testing methods.
  • Knowledge and Skills:
    • Strong understanding of welding codes, standards, and specifications.
    • Proficiency in non-destructive testing techniques and equipment.
    • Excellent attention to detail and problem-solving skills.
    • Ability to read and interpret technical drawings and blueprints.
  • Physical Requirements:
    • Ability to work in various environments, including field sites and manufacturing facilities.
    • Physical ability to perform inspections, including climbing, bending, and lifting.
Job ID: 73816407

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